Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
— Helen Keller

POST-NATAL REHAB - where I recognise you just had a baby! Programmes designed to get new mums back in shape safely, so they can return to regular exercise or their favourite sport with a stronger core and great all-round conditioning.

When I moved back to the UK in the summer of 2017 from Singapore - where I was recognised as one of the foremost Post-Natal PTs - I decided to make OOBERMAMA (OOBERFIT'S twin sister) the main focus of my new business.  I have always worked closely with Women's Health Physios to ensure my clients got the best fitness programmes for their condition, and as a result I have built up a bank of shared knowledge with many other post-natal professionals. I am passionate about spreading awareness of abdominal separation (Diastasis Recti), and the importance of building programmes that recognise the need to rebuild new mums fitness strength back up from the inside out. As well as running group and one-on-one sessions for pre and post-natal mums, I have hosted Diastasis Workshops across Singapore as well as featuring as a headline trainer at Singapore's inaugural fitness event, FitnessFest 2017 - a two day event next door to the iconic Marina Bay Sands Hotel, in May 2017.  

I am one of only a relatively few PTs in the UK to have undertaken training in the Hypopressive Method, a revolutionary low pressure exercise technique that is getting parts of the medical professionals quite excited, and has proved successful with many of my DR cases. It is known to be effective for people with long term pelvic floor and back issues, other side effects of DR. This method has also helped many people suffering from incontinence issues, not just post-natally. As a certified Pilates instructor, I also love to draw on my Pilates background as the foundation of much of my core work.

 Some of our ooberMamas (plus an ooberMini) in The Botanic Gardens,  Singapore's first National Heritage site.

Some of our ooberMamas (plus an ooberMini) in The Botanic Gardens,  Singapore's first National Heritage site.

My vision for OOBERMAMA now is to take it beyond Singapore and reach as many pre and post-natal mums as possible; offering carefully designed fitness videos and (as a former journalist) blogs to help them on their journey back to fitness. Feel good hormones are released during exercise and can often help new mums fight the baby blues.  Research has also shown that continuing to work out sensibly during pregnancy (with a doctor's green light of course) has a knock-on effect for baby for up to two years after birth, as the increased blood flow to the placenta can aid development of the brain; babies whose mums exercised regularly often meet their milestones earlier as a result.

Often the first professional to detect new mums with abdominal separation (DR), I believe this early diagnosis is key. Doing the wrong kind of exercise can actually make the condition worse; in rare cases even requiring expensive and painful surgery to stitch the muscular tissue back together.  I can also empathise firsthand with clients, having discovered my own Diastasis 14 years after my fourth pregnancy; I am also proof that it is rarely too late to try and repair the issue through carefully prescribed exercise. Currently studying to become a Therapeutic Exercise Specialist with The American Council on Exercise, alongside a Peri-Natal Mental Health Therapist's course, I am always learning because ever-changing research means a PT can never afford to stand still.

As a mum of five myself, I know what it is like to try and get everything back together after pregnancy; after four I felt like I was a lost cause! I think having that personal experience is worth almost as much as any of my certifications, because I’ve been in the shoes of my clients, felt like they did and walked through the same fog of despair and frustration with myself and my body. Coming out the other side is the best feeling and helping others do the same is why I have got one of the best jobs in the world.