Mona and Martin are two very inspirational ooberfitters. They recently took part in the Ankor Wat International Half Marathon, which raises money for children in need in Cambodia. Each year, thousands of runners rise at dawn to take part in this run around the majestic Ankor Wat temple.

We spoke to Mona about why she did this run and how the ooberfit team helped prepare her for it.

Why did you decide to take part in the Ankor Wat International Half Marathon? 
Our ooberfit trainer Hafiz brought the idea up to participate in a half-marathon run as a new challenge. We both love the magical atmosphere of Angkor Wat and decided to combine the run with a nice trip to this very special place.

What preparation did you have to do? 
We continued our ooberfit 1-1 training twice per week as usual and added 2 runs per week. The longest run we did before the half marathon was 16km. 

How did the ooberfit team help you? 
Because of regular training with ooberfit we both have a good fitness level which made it easy for us to start the half marathon training. In addition, we included more sprints and running in our ooberfit sessions with Hafiz.

Would you do anything differently with your training? 
No, we were well prepared thanks to ooberfit!

What was the experience like? 
The experience was really great. Not only running for the first time a half marathon, but also the historical surroundings and the special atmosphere in Cambodia made this experience unforgettable. 

Would you do it again? 
Definitely! We decided that we will do this every year now. Probably not always in Cambodia but at different places in Asia. 

Is there anything about the experience you would like to share with the ooberfit readers? 
It was a great experience to train as a couple for such an event and then finally have this nice three day trip (without the kid), to finish this challenge.

For more information on the Ankor Wat International Half Marathon click here.