Originally from the UK, I moved to Singapore in 2011 with four of my five children. My dream was to build a fitness company that recognised that 'one size does not fit all', a company that foremost offered safe, effective training that made a difference and where clients of all shapes and sizes and levels of fitness could come and enjoy working out and getting healthy without feeling intimidated or judged. My vision for OOBERFIT, was to make regular exercise available to people regardless of their issues and so the company works with people of all ages from 10 years - 70 years. Out of this vision grew a surprising development and more by default than design, I found myself working with a lot of post-natal mums, keen to get back to their pre-baby shape.  Rather than just let them join my regular classes, I felt they needed a different kind of approach and so devised safe and effective programmes for them in separate sessions, which became OOBERMUMMIES and latterly OOBERMAMA.

Drawing on my Pilates background, I also began to work with clients with chronic back and SIJ issues, slipped discs and post surgeries including spinal fusion surgery and ACL replacement. I have also been fortunate to work with people whose fitness is on the other side of the scale, including two British and World Champion sailors, a former Taekwondo junior champion and a national wake-boarder.


A huge boost came in both 2015 and 2016 when OOBERFIT was voted Best Fitness Provider and Personal Trainers by readers of the popular Singapore Expat Living Magazine. 

 I was speechless when I heard we"d won it a second year in a row, which if you know me, you'd know rarely happens! We were up against some heavyweights - great companies who have been around for much longer, so must have been the rank outsiders.  What's exciting is the 1st award came as we were incorporating the company and expanding, so it was a great time to get such recognition. We aim to keep up our high standards, even as we grow to ensure we are worthy of the accolade, and are excited that our peri-natal work has grown so much we were able to launch ooberMama, our sister branch. 

Being invited as one of the headline trainers at Singapore's inaugural Fitness Festival in 2017 was another career highlight.  

I think that not having always been the picture of health myself helps me empathise with my clients and ensures I never forget that exercise is not necessarily something we all love to do, but rather something many feel they ought to be doing!  I have been lazy, I have been unfit, I have been an overweight post-natal mum and I know what it's like not feeling happy about body shape and fitness. I've also run seven marathons since turning 40 so I know the sense of achievement that goes with progressing from no fitness to 10km and eventually to running 26.2 miles. That's why I am so passionate about what I do - OOBERFIT'S aim has always been to help others achieve goals they thought were beyond them - not necessarily a marathon - but a level of fitness and well-being they used to think was only achievable for other people, not them!